Original Limu

September 7, 2006

Why Not Give It A Try

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Over the past couple of days I have been doing some in-depth research on Origianl Limu to determine if I want to bite the bullet and give it a try.  If I do decide to make the move I plan to stick with it for at least three months.  I do not figure I will see immediate results, so three months should be enough time to get a read on its effectiveness.  Plus, if it turns out to be a hoax, I will not be out a lot of money.  And maybe it is a hoax, but I feel compelled to give it a shot because what if the stuff really does work.  I think back on all of the stupid things I have thrown money away on, and at least this time it would be for a good cause…improved quality of life.

I am not looking for Limu to be some sort of miracle cure for every sort of ailment.  I just want something natural that might help to increase my energy level and allow me to sleep the entire night.  Over the past year or so I often wake up a couple times during the night for no reason at all and then have trouble getting back to sleep.  Because of this, it is inevitable that I am tired when I wake up the next morning.  In order to feel a little better a couple of rounds of coffee insue, followed by a soft drink at mid-morning.  At this point I feel great, but it never lasts very long.  The lack of energy always creeps back in.  I think it would be wonderful to find a natual supplement that would help me sleep and increase my energy level.  If Original Limu works then I would be able to improve my diet by cutting out all of the soft drinks.

If I really think about it, Original Limu has a tremendous upside.  Who wouldn’t want to replace caffeine and sugar with a drink that is completely natural?  And I have not even mentioned all of the other health issues Limu supposedly helps with.  Do you suffer from sleepless nights and lack of energy?  Would you give Original Limu a try?


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