Original Limu

September 11, 2006

Interesting Decision

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At close to $130 a case, there is no question that Original Limu is not the least expensive health product on the market.  Especially since one case lasts approximatley one month.  I know in my situation $130 is a $130, and there is a lot that I could do with that money each month.  There are even months when that money pays the bills or buys groceries.  This leads me to ask, is this product too expensive for what it offers?

Well, it really depends.  For someone like me who does not really have any ailments, it is pretty much a $130 a month long term investment.  I am hedging on the fact that when I get older my current $130 a month will keep me from having medical issues that will cause me to pay ever increasing rates for prescription drugs.  For someone that is currently spending a lot of money on prescription drugs, Original Limu might help improve their ailments naturally so they can reduce their medications…thus saving them money.

As for me, I will have to wait and see what I think of Original Limu during and after my trial period.  If I feel and see some improvements then I will probably look at it as a long term investment and climb on board.  If not then I will not have a problem putting my money to use elsewhere.


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