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November 18, 2006

Control Hypertension

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I apologize that I have not posted in a couple of weeks.  I have been out of town on business and this is the first opportunity I have had to side down and punch out a post.  Anyway, here is some information I found on Limu and Hypertension…enjoy!

heart.jpgHigh blood pressure, or hypertension, is considered another major risk factor for heart attack or stroke, especially when coupled with other risk fators, including elevated cholesterol and diabetes (blood-sugar disorders).  A study from the University of Goteborg, Sweden, noting a dietary approach is often recommended for mild hypertension, found that a seaweed preparation was effective in decreasing sodium and increasing potassium intake in 62 middle-aged patients with mild hypertension.  This is a significant finding.  One of the drugs that is often prescribed for high blood pressure is a potassium-sparing diuretic.  Adding limu to your diet could help keep your blood pressure stabilized, according to this research, and could help lower it if you have mild hypertension.

Limu has also been found to help in weight control as it is high in fiber and low in calories, meaning it can satisfy your hunger pangs without being a pain to your waistline.

Limu’s health benefits clearly extend to heart health.  Incorporated into your daily diet as a major component of your fruit and vegetable choices can keep your ticker working by lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure, maintaining optimal blood-sugar levels, bolstering your immune system against invading viruses and bacteria and helping control your weight.

Heart attacks can be avoided, but once you have one your life is considerably changed.  This major muscle needs tender loving care with high nutrition and regular workouts, because once it fails, recuperation is not easy, if attainable at all.  Patients living with heart failure must endure constant monitoring, treatment with anti-coagulants, and constant fear of another heart attack or sudden death.


November 5, 2006

Prevent Plaque Formation

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moreinfo4.jpgFucoidan appears to inhibit smooth muscle cell activation; a process that plays a role in plaque formation.  Smooth-muscle tissues are a type of nonstriated muscle found in the walls of hollow organs, including blood vessels.  Smooth muscles move matter inside the body through contraction, which generally operates without thought or nerve stimulation.

Scientists have found that fucoidan helps inhibit smooth-muscle cell activation.  This is important for the prevention of restenosis- plaque buildup that renarrows an artery previously cleared by a procedure like angioplasty.

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