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September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

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I have surrendered to the fact that I will remember exaclty what I was doing on 9/11/01 for the rest of my life.  I may be old and grey one day and not even remember my own name, but I will remember where I was and what I was doing on that day.

I arrived at work a little early that morning and had gone downstairs to the cafeteria to get some breakfast.  On my way back upstairs I stopped for a moment to watch a breaking news story on the TV.  I did not have any idea that I was about to watch an airplane rip through tower 1.  My heart instantly dropped, not only for all of the people that I knew were in danger, but because my dad had either just gotten on or was about to board a plane in Chicago.  Of course, I immediately tried to call him on his cell phone.  I did not have any luck because it was pretty much impossible to make a call to the northern US at that time.  I sat there stunned as I watched the news come out about the other tower and the other planes.  I can honestly say that I prayed for a good four hours straight before I was able to locate my dad.  Luckliy his fight was postponed and he was still in Chicago.  Believe me, I was very relieved, I just wish other families that lost loved ones that day could have felt relief instead of pain and sorrow.

I do not like when 9/11 comes around each year.  No matter where I am it always gets to me.  A lot of good people were lost that day, and a lot of good people have been lost since then trying to hunt down terrorists.  I pray that it all ends one of these days.  I still pray for peace, even if it does seem like a long shot.


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